What is an opening sequence?

What is an opening sequence?

An opening sequence is the first few minutes of a film which is presented to the audience. It establishes the genre and setting and it gives the audience an idea of what the rest of the film will be like. It is very important to make sure that the opening sequence is captivating in in order to fully engage the audience and give them an opportunity to connect with the different characters in the film.

Genre Consideration 

Genre -This is  used to distinguish between different types of films by placing them into a variety of categories, for example – thriller, romance and comedy.

The film I have produced is a thriller.

Thriller – This can be a genre of film, video-gaming, literature and television. The main elements of thrillers are suspense, tension and excitement.

Pre-production – There are many reasons as to why it is important to plan your film before you begin your filming, one of those reasons being that it will enable you create a more successful piece of work in a shorter space of time as you will have a rough idea of what scenes you would like to film, instead of making them up on the spot.

Also, you will be provided with a wide range of ideas. This would be a benefit because if you try to film one scene but decide that you don’t like it or that it doesn’t work with the rest of the film,  you will have the ability to look at your notes (for example – storyboards and brainstorms) and choose another idea which you think may work better.

Pre-planning may also be beneficial as it will enable you to create a risk assessment. This would improve your safety as it will increase your awareness of the dangers which you may face whislt producing your film.

Target Audience – My film is targeted at people aged 15 years and over. Although this film is a thriller, it does not contain violent/inappropriate language. Neither does it contain any inappopropriate scenes. However, this film would not be suitable for under 15 year old’s due to it being a thriller and contains some frightening scenes (for example – it includes scenes with a man chasing two teenage girls).

Suitable for 15+