Evaluation 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I carried out some research in order to gather some information about opening sequences – what they establish – time and place, characterisation – protagonists and antagonists, narrative – what will happen next and visual style, genre and ideology – how are we supposed to react to what we are seeing?

The research I carried out provided me with a full understanding of opening sequences. In my opening sequence video, I showed roughly where the film was set and the audience will be able to understand that it was set in daytime due to the lighting we used.

Establishing shot

I also used characteristics by showing the two teenage girls as innocent protagonists and the man as the antagonist. I made this clear to the audience through using dialogue at the beginning of the opening sequence to my film ‘Chase’. During the dialogue, “a prisoner who escaped from jail” recently is mentioned. My group and I made the girls come across as innocent – I did this through choosing the appropriate colour/style of clothing which would suit each character. For example – choosing a burgundy hoody and black trousers for the antagonist as dark colours represent evil/shadowy.

I watched the opening sequence of ‘Se7en’ and noticed how the clothes which are worn by the characters play a huge part in how the audience judge each of the characters.

Clothes worn by all of the characters

Through researching other film opening sequences I realised that providing the audience with a narrative is very important in an opening sequence as this is what encourages the audience to carry on watching more. Leaving an opening sequence on a cliff-hanger will encourage the majority of viewers to watch more because they want to find out what happens and how it happens – this is why our group decided to leave our opening sequence on a cliff-hanger.

The last few images shown in our video are of me being caught and hit around the head by the antagonist, Siobhan shouting my name after hearing my scream and realising I had disappeared and then an image of me lying on the floor – dead. Hopefully this will lead the audience wanting to find out more – Does Siobhan manage to get away from the man or does she get caught and harmed as well? Does the killer get caught by the police or can he not be traced?

From researching opening sequences to thriller films, I gathered idea’s about how to use visual style, genre and ideology to receive the reaction we want from the audience when they watch our film. My group and I wanted the audience to feel a bit jumpy whilst watching our opening sequence, due to it being a thriller. I found out that a way of making the audience feel jumpy is to build suspense, and my group and I knew that we could do that by choosing ‘eerie’ music to play throughout the film opening.

The mention of  the recent prison escapee, followed by seeing a man wearing dark clothes and climbing through a hole in a fence in the next scene may also build suspense as the audience will know that he is ‘the bad guy’ and they may suspect that something bad will happen to the two teenage girls – due to them talking about cutting through the woods during the exchange of dialogue at the beginning.


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