Evaluation 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My media video represents the typical stereotype that males are more likely to be the antagonist and females are more likely to be the protagonists as males are seen as being stronger and more ‘aggressive/violent’ than females are. Due to making a film of the thriller genre, it was important that my group and I ensured that the characters we used represented specific social groups.

This photo shows how we applied the above stereotype in the film opening which my group and I made – ‘Chase’. The man looks empowering due to being tall, however to make him look even more empowering, we decided to dress him in a hoody.

A quote from the BBC says: “Hoodies are being worn for disguising the person who may be about to commit an offence.” This quote supports the typical stereotype that people who wear hoodie’s are going to cause trouble – I found this out whilst carrying out research into hoodie’s.

We kept the identity of the killer hidden, however we used a number of different shots such as low-angle and high-angle shots to ensure that the man came across as the empowering antagonist to the audience. We hoped that the hidden identity would encourage the audience to carry on watching so that they could find out who the man is and what he looks like.

Starting with two teenage girls talking about whether to cut through the woods or not due to the recent prison escapee who has been all over the news lately, the audience are bound to expect trouble. When the scene moves on to the man climbing through a broken fence, the audience will know that something bad is going to happen. This may make them more curious as they may want to find out why he was in prison and whether the police will catch him before he commits another crime.

Also, in order to encourage the audience to watch more, we left the opening sequence on a cliff-hanger, the audience may want to find out why the man was chasing these teenage girls, why he killed one of them and what happened to the other one.


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