Evaluation 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Media distribution is a process in which your chosen distributor delivers your film to the biggest audience they can. It is one of the final processes in selling a media product successfully and therefore it is extremely important that you choose your distributor carefully. Choosing the wrong distributor could possibly result in your film not selling successfully and due to there only being one chance at a release, it is vitally important that this does not happen. The success of a film is normally shown within the first three days of release as this is where roughly 30% of the profit is made.

We did not have access to expensive filming equipment so we had to use the cheap equipment in the best way possible, however it made easier for us to film due to the camera being small and easy to maneuver. Our film is classed as a low-budget British film due to the cheap equipment we used, however Film4 (who will be co-funding ‘Chase’) distribute it (and other low-budget films) into a market of a higher-budget. The website for Film4 is as follows: http://www.film4.com. In order to show that Film4 will be co-funding ‘Chase’, my group and I added ‘In association with Film4’ at the start of our opening sequence.

Through carrying out some research on advertising films to be released, my group and I found out that to gain the largest audience for our film it would be more beneficial to advertise through Twitter and Facebook than to advertise through TV or newspaper – this is due to Facebook and Twitter being very common social networking sites and are used by extremely large numbers of people aged between sixteen and twenty-four. Whilst researching,  I found a quote which read ‘For Adults, the likelihood of setting up a profile (on social networking sites) is highest among 16-24 year olds (54%) and decreases with age.’ This means that 54% of sixteen to twenty-four year use social networking sites, however the percentage decreases as people get older. Due to the percentage decreasing as people get older, advertisements would be more beneficial to films for the older ages if the advertisements were shown on TV and in newspapers.


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