Evaluation 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

My group and I addressed the audience by showing them our film to a number of people from different age groups (all of 15 and over) to see what age group they thought our film would be best suited for. After we gathered all of the feedback from everyone who had watched our film, we  found out that 80% of them thought it was best suited for 16 – 24 year old’s and the other 20% thought it was best suited for 18+.

We then showed our film to other media students as they are the same age as the target audience. This allowed us to ask for feedback and once we had the feedback we decided to re-film the whole of our video as well as slightly changing the storyline. We did this because we wanted to make it a little more suitable for the current target audience than it was before. Re-filming our opening sequence to ‘Chase’ led to a dramatic improvement of the whole video.

We also addressed the audience by researching about a variety of thriller genres with the same target audience as ours. This enabled us to gather some more ideas on what we needed to include in our video in order to make it appealing to 16 – 24 year old’s.

Target audience age group


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