Evaluation 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?

My group and I used many technologies during the process of constructing the product, these technologies included the internet, camera, editing software (Sony Vegas) and YouTube.

The first piece of  media we used was the internet. We felt that the internet would be the easiest method of researching the different types of genre there are and how each genre is represented. We used the internet to carry out the majority of our research, however we also researched through watching and analysing other opening sequences such as one which Kyle Copper created, ‘Se7en’.

We have used cameras right from the start, back when we started our pre-liminary task, however the cameras we used to film our opening sequence videos were of a much higher quality. Before we started using this camera we had to make sure that it worked properly and we had to work out how to use it correctly. Whilst figuring out how to use it,  we found out that it had different settings such as night vision, though we did not need this setting as we decided to film in the day.

After we completed our filming, we uploaded the video clips onto the school computers and opened them in Sony Vegas, an editing program. We used this program to put all of the video clips together in order to make our opening sequence. We then used the editing software to cut the clips to the correct length and to add some text. Also, we used the fading technique to blend some of the different clips together a little more instead of allowing them to change sharply.

As we had to mute the majority of the sound in our video due to being able to hear traffic and a little bit of talking in the background, my group and I went on YouTube to find some music. We found a number of different background sounds so that we could listen to them and choose the one which we though fit the video the best.

After using these different technologies, I feel more confident in my creativity as I used them all creatively and correctly in order to produce a successful film opening.


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