Evaluation 7

Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I feel that I have learnt a lot of new skills about media technology, especially skills associated with filming and editing, in the progression from my preliminary task to my opening sequence video.

When filming our preliminary task we has to use a cheap flip camera and we did not have a tripod either. Watching the short video clip back, it is very obvious that we did not use expensive euipment as the filming was of a poor quality.

It was also obvious that we did not use a tripod as the camera was a bit shaky throughout the whole of the clip. However, it was an advantage in the long run as due to the poor filming which took place for our preliminary task, we decided to use a more expensive camera along with a tripod in order to film steady shots. However, although we used a tripod for most of the filming, we decided to film a shot using the handheld camera technique. We did this because we wanted to give the effect of a point of view shot as we knew this would emphasis the fear and panic I was suffering from whilst I was being chased through the woods.

 At the start of our preliminary task, we came across some problems with sound due to the microphone picking up a small amount of background noises such as talking and walking. However, again this was an advantage in the long run as from this experience, we knew that we had to film our opening sequence in a quiet area. Unfortunately, the location my group and I chose to film our opening sequence was right next to a main road so we could therefore hear a lot of traffic in the background. We were able to overcome this problem though by muting the majority of the diagetic sound and using non-diagetic sound – the background music – instead. We were grateful in the end because we realised that using background music created a more successful and effective video as it sounded better than it would have done if we just used the diagetic background sound.

I feel that my editing knowledge improved a huge amount in the progression from my preliminary task to my opening sequence video as our preliminary task required the minimum amount of editing as it was only a very short clip, whereas our opening sequence required a lot. The only editing that took place in the completion of our preliminary task was cutting a small amount off of the beginning of a clip, due to me keeping my hand on the handle for too long.


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