Final product – ‘Chase’



We were unable to find a male to play male character in our film, therefeore we had to compromise by using a female and making her look masculine. We did this by using plain black trousers and a male hoody. Also, throughtout the the whole of our film, we ensured that the audience could not see that character’s face.

The tripod we used on our second day of filming was broken – this meant that we had to hold the camera steady whilst we filmed using the tripod, making the camera a little wobbly.

It took us a few hours to get started with the filming on our second day because we didn’t have a camera to use, due to them all running out of battery. This set us back a little bit so we had to work quickly when we did have access to a camera, in order to complete our video on time.


We used this ‘eerie’ music for our film opening sequence, however we cut the first 17 seconds out as they did not fit with images on screen. I found a range of music clips for my group to ensure that we had a number of different pieces to choose from. This would have ensured that we found a piece of music which fitted perfectly instead of either having to use music which did not fit or not using music at all.

Due to filming near a main road, we were able to traffic in the background. to overcome this problem, we muted the diagetic sound in our video up until when I screamed.


We came across a complication when we first tried to edit, as the editing software we needed to use would not accept the format of our videos so we had to have it converted. We tried to edit again once the video clips were converted, however the sound would not play so we had to download another software which took two weeks to get sorted. This set us behind.

We used a variety of different editing techniques in order to make our opening sequence flow better. The first editing technique which I used was ‘mute’. We used this to mute the majority of the sound which could be heard whilst the filming took place – the only diagetic sounds which we did not mute was the dialogue at the beginning, along with the scream and the dialogue at the end.

The next editing technique we used was ‘cutting’. We used this to cut parts of the different video clips out that we didn’t need – then we smoothly pieced all of the video clips which we needed together, using techniques such as fade in and fade out.

We also used editing techniques to add text on top of black screens, in between the scenes we filmed and to add music into the video.


Day 2

Due to our last piece of filming being very unsuccessful, we decided to re-film everything and change the storyline slightly. We still wanted Eye Lake to be our filming location and we still wanted to keep the basics of the storyline – a man following two girls through the woods. However, we added in a couple of scenes with dialogue at the beginning to give the audience an idea about why there are two teenage girls walking through the woods. Whilst exchanging dialogue, the two girls mention a man who escaped from prison – this may encourage them to believe that the prison escapee is going to cause more trouble.

We also added some scenes in at the end. In order to make the audience want to carry on watching the film, we left the opening sequence on a cliff-hanger – with the last image shown being one of the girls lying dead on the floor.

Day 1

Our first day of filming was not very successful at all. We wanted to carry out our filming just as it was starting to get dark, so we planned to start our filming at around 17:30pm. When we first got to our chosen location, the lighting was perfect, however, although we had already planned out the storyline for our opening sequence, we decided to change it as we thought of a better idea. By the time we got half way through our filming we could hardly see anything as it got very dark very quickly – therefore we decided to film the rest of the remaining scenes a few days later.

When we uploaded the videos onto the computers – ready to start editing – we realised that the first half of the film opening did not make sense and it was too dark to see the second half. Also, due to us not using a close-up or mid-shot whist filming the dialogue between the two teenage girls and also due to the poor lighting, we were unable to hear what was being said.

Risk Assessment

 In order to ensure the safety of everyone involved with my film opening video, my  group and I completed a risk assessment – this is where you identify the possible risks  which may occur whilst filming and try to think of ways to prevent them from  happening. The risks we identified were:

• Being attacked as we will be in the middle of the woods – this is a low risk,  however we will keep our mobile phones on us and will also try to arrange for an  adult to be with us. If we cannot find an adult to come with us, we will ensure that  someone knows where we are at all times.

• Drowning as we will be near the lake – this is a low risk, however we will stay away from the water and we will ensure that we know where all of the life buoys are.

 Falling over as we will be filming on uneven grounds – this is a medium risk. We will watch where we are walking/running and we will try to remove any large objects which we could trip over (for example – large sticks and twigs).

• Traffic as we will be near a main road – this is a low risk, however we will ensure that we do not go too close to the road and we will watch the traffic at all times.

Contacts in case of an emergency

We will try to arrange for a parent of ours or an adult to be with us whilst we are filming and we know to call ‘999’ and ask for an ambulance, the police or the fire brigade if we are in need of these services.

Planning our opening sequence

After our preliminary task, everyone was introduced to the main task. For the main task, we have to create an opening sequence to a film. We have to decide on which genre we want our film to be – this will establish a captivating narrative through using mise-en-scene, camera angles and techniques, sound, lighting and editing. Like my preliminary task, my group involved Megan Smith, Alex Collins, Megan Spear and myself.

Planning our opening sequence

Before we start to film our main task, we decided to create a brainstorm of idea’s. From this, we were able to create a storyboard, which will help us to produce and film our opening sequence. Using a storyboard would ensure we filmed the opening sequence in the correct order and would save us time as we will know exactly what we need to do, where we need to do it and when it needs to be done. Whereas if we jumped straight to filming, we may film something then realise we needed to film something else first – this would be a waste of filming and editing time. Plus, it could cause further problems such as, continuity

Character Analysis

For our plot, my group and I decided to use the idea of two teenage girls being followed by a man in the woods. We decided to use teenage girls as this makes the characters look more vulnerable and also because we feel that more teenagers would watch this film and may relate to it more if  their own age group was involved.

We chose to have a man follow the two girls as this makes it seem more frightening and makes the teenage girls look even more vulnerable.

To make the audience want to carry on watching more of the film, we are planning to end the opening sequence on a black screen, just after the man catches the girls.


The protagonists (two girls) – we planned for the two girls to wear everyday clothes such as trousers, skirts, a top and flat shoes in order to make it clear to the audience that the girls were the innocent protagonists who were being chased through the woods after taking a short-cut.

The girls will be shown walking across a field at the start of them film and the audience will be able to hear them debating whether to cut through the woods due to the recent prison escapee. This also makes it clear to the audience that the girls are the innocent characters in this film.

The antagonist (the man who escaped from prison) – we planned for the man to wear black trousers, a red hooded jumper and black shoes. We thought of using dark colours for the antagonist’s clothing as they represent ‘evil’ and ‘scary/shadowy’.

The audience will also be able to understand that the male character is the antagonist as they will hear the teenage girls talking about a prisoner who escaped from jail recently.

Clothes worn by 'male' character - the antagonist

We filmed our opening sequence in Eye in a woodland area. Eye is a quiet village and we chose to film there due to the appropriate woodland area and also because it is close to where Alex and Megan live. This will help us to feel a little safer whilst filming.

We hope for the filming to take place in the evening as we want it to be dark in order to make it look like the teenagers were cutting through the woods on the way home.

Eye Lake


My group and I plan to use a variety of dfferent sounds – both diagetic and non-diagetic. Diagetic sounds are sounds which are heard whilst filming, the ones which you may hear during our opening sequence are people talking and screaming. The non-diagetic sound which you will hear (sounds which are added in after the filming) whilst watching this opening sequence will be the background/theme tune.


We are hoping to use a wide variety of camera shots, anges and movements in the duration of our film as this will show our opening sequence from a variety of different perspectives. The camera shots, angles and movements we hope to use are:

• Establishing shot  – to allow the audience to see where the film is set

Close-ups – to show the different expressions being used by the three characters – anger, fear, shock, etc.

Mid-shots – to allow the audience to have a better view of the characters when having a conversation or using dialogue

• Long-shots – to provide the audience with a better view of what is happening in the distance. For example – running

Hand-held camera – to make certain scenes look more authentic and to make the audience feel as though they are in the film


My group and I have decided  that we only want to use one prop as we feel that we do not need anything else. The prop we have decided to use is a metal object which represented a murder weapon. We hope that this weapon makes the antagonist look even more frigtening and empowering. We have chosen to use this metal object as it looks very heavy and weapon-like.


We do not have a thorough plan of what we are going to edit and how we are going to do it as we will need to know exactly what we have filmed. However, we have had a few ideas which we have made into a rough plan. The ideas we have had are:

•  Cutting to a black screen at the end of the opening sequence

• Play sound on top of the black screen in order to give the opening sequence a sudden ending, leaving the audience in suspense

• Cutting to black screens between each scene and have the credits showing on top

• Moving the sound of the bottle smashing in order to ensure that the sound and images match